Christmas In My Heart - Sarah Connor

Every time we say goodbye There's something breaking deep inside I tried to hide my feelings to keep myself controlled But somehow I can't deny what's deep inside my soul I've been always on the run So many different places, having fun But like a river always knows just where to flow Now that December comes I feel like coming home chorus It's Christmas in my heart When I'm with you No matter where we are or what we do Tomorrow may be grey We may be torn apart But if you stay tonight It's Christmas in my heart verse 2 I don't know how to stay alive Without your touch without you by my side Just like the desert's always waiting for the rain Oh baby, I wish the holy night would come again chorus Everywhere I go and everyone I know Is making lots of wishes for old Santa Claus But all I really need tonight Is for you to come and hold me tight What is Christmas without you here by my side I need you tonight

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